TL-WDR3600 - enough RAM for Adguard?

Considering flashing a TL-WDR3600 with OpenWRT but would first like to know from someone who is using it how much free RAM it has with a base OpenWRT installation - is there enough space left for an Adguard install?

Might be enough to get started

You need a device with 128mb ram at least. 256 would be better

I knew of the "about 100 MB" and that the router has 128 MB to start with. What I wanted to know was how much RAM is left once OpenWRT is installed.

Oh well, I took the plunge and for other's benefit, I can share that on a vanilla new OpenWRT installation, the starting point is that 75 MB is available free. Adguard therefore seems not a possibility, so I'll go for a connected PiHole instead.

why don't you test at least if you already went this far?
do you plan to host other services outside of adguard-home ?

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Even luci-app-adblock, which is much more moderate in terms of system requirements than adguard, is quite challenged to cope with 128 MB RAM devices, at least once you add any sizeable blocklists. It's safe to assume that this wouldn't be a good match.


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