TL-RE450_v1 vs TL-RE450_v2 (AR8033 switch)


I had bricked my TL-RE450_v1, which was a fantastic device.
128MB Ram and nearly 800 MBit/s wifi-lan throughput to my server measured with iperf.

Now i bought 2 TL-RE450_v2 for the price of one and their performance is abysmal compared to v1.
5Ghz is not supported very well. 802.11s works over 2.4GHz. But the throughput is bad.
So i tested the ethernet layer via iperf.

Setup (tested with v19.07.0-rc2)

raspi4a  - [switch] - raspi4b
raspi4a  - [switch] - re450v2
raspi4b  - [switch] - re450v2
imac  - [switch] - re450v2
imac - [switch] - raspi4a

Every iperf-session without re450v2 maxes out the 1GBit-Ethernet -> ~1000 MBit/s
Every iperf-session involving re450v2 is only getting ~300MB/s.
I disabled wifi and bridging for the tests.

This was not the case with the v1-version, which had an AR8035-A-Switch.
Is the Atheros AR8033-Chipset that bad?

In that case, i'm going for a refund.

thats a really bad story. how is it possible that the troughput is such bad on the v2?
do you had also the v19.07.0-rc2 on your bricked v1?

how have you been able to flash the v19.07.0-rc2? when I try to flash the factory image via the stock webinterface on my RE450 v2 I get a checksum error.


No - i've tried the snapshot before rc2 :frowning:

You have to flash the snapshot-image on it, initially.

This works.