TL-MR6400 v5 - Openwrt vpn kill switch

does this version have VPN Kill Switch?

Version of what?

I am looking to buy this model

I want to know if there is VPN Kill Switch in the OpenWrt firmware?

Search these forums for "VPN kill switch" -- it is not something that is "included" in the firmware, but very simple to achieve with the firewall or other methods.

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The existence of the kill switch have nothing to do with the device you buy/own.

It can be done on all devices capable of running openwrt.

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It's a software function. It will work the same on any model.

There isn't a box to click that says "kill switch" but proper VPN configuration will have the same effect. If the only path to the Internet is the VPN, should the VPN stop working users of the router will have no Internet connection at all.

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Is it easily setup?

you already got the link for setting it up ....

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