TL-MR6400 v5 back to stock firmware

You are Great!!!!
I also tried to check with binwalk...but without success, many thanks.

I repeat the complete procedure, it could be usefull for someone else.

  • Download the firmware from TP-Link website, unzip the file and rename the TL-MR6400v5_1.1.0_0.9.1_up_boot(200511)_2020-05-11_12.28.03.bin file into original.bin

  • prepare the file using the command dd if=original.bin of=tp_recover.bin skip=1 bs=512 count=16000

  • setup yout PC ethernet card with IP, sub:

  • connect the router to PC with ethernet cable

  • open TFTP sw, choose the folder where copied tp_recover.bin file and select the ethernet card

  • switch off the router

  • press and keep pressed the WPS/RESET button

  • switch on the router and continue keep pressed the WPS/RESET button until the file transfer start

  • release the button and wait for router restart

  • Restore the PC ethernet card to receive IP address from DHCP (router has address

The router now has been restore to stock firmware.