Time related symbols missing when running Easytether on TL-WR902AC v3

Every time i try to run EasyTether it just complains about the symbols not being be found and relocated and then does nothing. I tried installing anything related to libcrypto but still nothing. I'm very new to this so any help would be nice

People aren't mind readers, posting the error messages will usually help...

Sounds like you are running a program compiled for another OpenWrt version, so there is library mismatch. If e.g. you are using OpenWrt 21.02.2 and try using binaries for 18.06, they likely fail.

And I don't think that we have easytether in the official OpenWrt package repo, so you are likely using an external package compiled elsewhere. It is then upto them to compile easytether to be compatible with your openwrt's library versions.

Which OpenWrt version do you have? 21.02?
And like frollic already asked, what error messages there actually are?

Im using OpenWRT 21.02.2, im currently not able to access putty since im on my phone so cant share the error(is there even a way to access it on mobile?)

Easytether was build for OpenWrt 19.x+ aqccording to the driver website, although it hasnt been updated for a while.

However the issue is solved. I just used the tiny version instead. It works, altho with a rather disappointing 12Mbps down speed, even tho i have 5G data and it usually does 100Mbps down on Windows 11

Yeah, trying to use an app that uses libraries like openssl and has been compiled to another OpenWrt release, fails pretty likely.