Tilgin HG2381_UK

Hi i have got Tilgin HG2381 and it is not in the list...
Can anyone explain me where i have to look to to see if it is possible to install openwrt on it?

list of chips i can see on the board is : S8314L40
EM68C16CWQG-25H EtronTech
W29N01HVSINA Winbond

Thanks for any help

I couldn't find much info about this device.
Quick screenshot from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnWw40U7JpE (might not be the exact version you have) + my annotations

# Chip
#1 Lantiq ...
#2 Lantiq ...
#3 QCA9880
#4 S8...
#5 S8...
#6 Winbond .... / EtronTech EM68C16CWQG-25H
#7 Winbond W29N01HVSINA

Can you fill in 1,2,4 and 5?

1 S8314L40
2 S8164K02
4 S8043L71
5 S828NN26 Don"t know the make never seen this logo(see picture)

Thanks for your reply

hey i have a smailer device as this.

Here is some info about mine: https://exxxxkc.neocities.org/articles/device_info/01/

It gives an option for TFTP boot when the bootloader is interrupted. Is there any chance to create an image to run a test build of openwrt that way?

Update: There seems to be a build available. https://github.com/systemcrash/lede-tilgin-2381

It seems you found my github archive for the 2381. I documented the chips on my Tilgin 2381 a few years back, so that one day someone might undertake this. The repo just has a 2381 OEM firmware update I captured.

I thought the hardware was a bit anemic when we got them for free with the Internet package. I already had an Archer C7 and stuck with that. Although the 2381 could be an OK workhorse for many, since it has a wide distribution.

@exkc - can you run the commands on the serial console when the device is up:

cat /proc/mtd

ubinfo -a

Maybe also in the uboot menu before boot:

# printenv

@kcrk - you have the HG2384 - can you do the same, please?

@Derskij do you still use this device? Can you get serial console access?

@systemcrash I've uploaded the logs with all the commands here: tilgin-hg2381_rpi400-serial0_20230119.7z

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can you run the commands on the serial console when the device is up

i cant get the shell

I have the same device as Derskij (Tilgin HG2381), and I'm trying to install openwrt on it too.
I have serial console access and already tried to tftpboot this DWR-996 firmware on it as an experiment, but it just ended up booting the factory firmware. Would you have any tips on how to build a ram bootable openwrt for it? I'm currently reading through the developer guide but there are a lot of moving parts.

Yeah, there are quite a few moving parts. The reason I have waited to start any rough development of this device is the additions for the flash system and its layout which are going into master. See this other thread about this device. When UBI devices are natively supported, it will be much easier to work on this device.

It might even lack 2.4GHz wifi - but does anyone use 2.4 nowadays?

BTW @d0tkom did you capture any log or interesting output when trying to boot that firmware?

Any updates on this? Is there a way to pull the patch and create a test build?


There's a way - just patch main and (try to) build. I've no more tips for a recommended way to do that than what's in the wiki

Still waiting for the UBI bits to go in. Looking promising, though!

OK, the UBI bits are in and that leaves perhaps one or two things out of a potential openwrt image.

But @exkc did you ever manage to get an image of your firmware on your HK based device? Could you dump one?