Tilgin HG2381_UK

Hi i have got Tilgin HG2381 and it is not in the list...
Can anyone explain me where i have to look to to see if it is possible to install openwrt on it?

list of chips i can see on the board is : S8314L40
EM68C16CWQG-25H EtronTech
W29N01HVSINA Winbond

Thanks for any help

I couldn't find much info about this device.
Quick screenshot from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnWw40U7JpE (might not be the exact version you have) + my annotations

# Chip
#1 Lantiq ...
#2 Lantiq ...
#3 QCA9880
#4 S8...
#5 S8...
#6 Winbond .... / EtronTech EM68C16CWQG-25H
#7 Winbond W29N01HVSINA

Can you fill in 1,2,4 and 5?

1 S8314L40
2 S8164K02
4 S8043L71
5 S828NN26 Don"t know the make never seen this logo(see picture)

Thanks for your reply

hey i have a smailer device as this.

Here is some info about mine: https://exxxxkc.neocities.org/articles/device_info/01/