Three Free TP-LINK TL-1043ND v1s plus high gain antennas

My three retired TP-LINK TL-1043ND v1s hardware rev 1.9, 1.7 and 1.0 with a set of three Wi-Fi High-Gain Omni Directional RP-SMA Antenna (-9dBi)s (like Monoprice #16145) are looking for a new home.

All three have a perfect operational records as APs or full service switch/router/firewall/AP/proxy/web server/media server/etc. running OpenWRT and LEDE since 12.09 for a house full of Rokus, PCs, laptops, mobile devices and other gear. All three have a fresh install of 18.06.1.

If you or someone you know would like these (and a free TL-WN727N 150Mbps 802.11n USB Adapter), then a local pick up in Northern VA or Southern MD or a shipping label is all that's needed, unless for an especially deserving cause. Follow up here or PM me with details.

I'll update this thread when they find a new home.

Still available?

Yes, they are.


I've watched this thread for some time, I'm interested if they're still available. If you like subs, I can treat for lunch, or a little gift card to your nearest fast food place!

Your side of the Wilson or mine?

Sorry I did not follow through in a timely manner on my claim that I would update the thread.

The devices with their supplied antennas were sent to the new owner and were reported delivered, but I have not heard from the new owner since arranging shipment.

Because they would not fit in the USPS flat rate box I still have the High-Gain antennas.

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The routers arrived.

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