Thomson TG787 support

I'm new on this website, but I've tracked progress on Thomson models for the last 2 years, and I wanted to know: I have a Thomson TG787 ( )box, running on BBox firmware (from Bouygues Telecom, a french company), that they left for me when I ended the contract.

  • Is the development/support for Thomson models a current subject?
  • Besides, is it safe to use another image from the same generic build (brcm63xx) on this device? And if I do so, does the 'reset' button also put back the initial FW -- I think it doesn't, but I'm not familiar with embedded material --, or is there a way to backup the FW before installing?

Anyway, if you read this thread, thank you!

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  • Not sure what this means in the context of OpenWrt regarding development.
  • If the device isn't listed on the Table of Hardware, it isn't supported:[Model*~]=787

  • It may be possible to backup the original flash; but you'll need to access the Serial port, Telnet or SSH consoles
  • Lastly, we wouldn't know what the manufacturer programmed the reset button to do - I've rarely heard of a "backup button," though

Just in general, the ADSL modem and the FXS (phone) ports will never be supportable (no driver available), the WLAN however is old enough to be supported (not quite full performance, but probably ~good enough), that doesn't avoid that someone would still have to port OpenWrt to this particular device (and that's not very likely to happen, unless you'd try to get your feet wet and have a go yourself).