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I'd pick ext4 too, I don't think the squashfs is more secure, but it might be harder to corrupt the file system....

Nope, and the kernel is pretty new anyway.
Some/most of those vulnerabilities are patches through bios updates, but some make the CPU run slower.

Stable an RCs come with luci, snapshots doesn't.

It could, trial and error.
Can always install the packages required afterwards.

Yes it can

No, USB ethernet drivers are not preinstalled in the images (common PCIe ethernet drivers would be).

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opkg should do, although I'd recommend using the imagebuilder (you probably need 22.03~ for r8153).

If you utilize the full potential of the x86 platform, it's better than any regular router, in every kind of way, except for power consumption, and wifi capabilities.

Upside of SquashFS is it allows you to use the OpenWrt failsafe.

RCs are release candidates.

The higher RC, the newer.

awesome, then grab the latest 21.02 release.

No, there's nothing rolling about it. When 22.03 finally sees a stable release, that will be after a few release candidates (RCs). These are meant to be tested, as you want the final release to be as bug free as possible.

That being said, I am running on 22.03 ever since it got branched, and I have no complaints. And I recommend everyone to switch at least some of their devices to it, from 21.02, since it's easier to get fixes in now, prior to release, than to complain after and have to wait for a point release to fix those (unless you build your own).

Try booting the squashfs combined-efi image from a USB stick (and continue debugging from there).

Try adding the nomodeset kernel param to the kernel line in grub, hopefully it'll fix the video error, and you'll be able to see what happens...

Then there's something wrong with the image, or it's unable to find the drive, due to hw not being supported.

Try booting the same openwrt image from a flash drive.


It never hurts to try, but I doubt it'll make any difference.

I always use dd, if I write them in Linux, don't have any Linux box runnig a graphical UI.

What's root= set to in grub?

Was the last screen shot from an USB boot?

Wouldn't hurt.

What's the size of the boot device?
The error indicates some kind of disk size/geometry issue...

So it's actually the same error...

Did you crc check the image before writing?

Your hw isn't that new, 21.02 should work.

Rufus works too, for sure.

Or should :slight_smile: