This is new router TP-Link Archer C86 will it support openwrt?

I found a new router unlisted on openwrt not on main site or forum or anywhere
I dont know how to check compatibilty if it will support or not

can some one tell me how to check that I guess that involves checking the which chip it has right ?


Looks supportable, but it's up to you to bring it onboard.

How do I do that any wiki ?
I have basic knowledge of docker shell scripting and a daily ubuntu user have a homeserver as well.

Search for "device".

Should I buy this instead - this is cheaper and I think it has already developed openwrt

As this has usb so I can increase flash memory


If you get a V1.

So that means their are more versions so I should better buy Tp link c86

Thanks wating for your opinion

Not necessarily.

Have a look at TP-Link's home page, do they list more than V1 ?


They dont see more verions other than v1

Did you purchase this? I need a router with a USB port so I can USB tether from my phone, this is the only 5Ghz option available in India under 3k, I think.

I think only V1 is available for this.

Also, if you have got this and installed OpenWrt, can you check if RNDIS-based USB Tethering work in it or not?

I have brought this router and it comes with only 1 version
This is the best router for budget to buy in India (I settled for this router after 6 months)

And have downloded openwrt havent got time to flash it, was out of station for a function.

Its available in chroma and vijaysales only.