Thinking of purchasing a Linksys EA7500. is this supported by LEDE?

I didn't find anything in the forums or documentation stating yes or no.

Usually the absence of yes is a no.

My good "replier" not all is as it seems. My router is supported but not listed, thus why I asked.

The EA7500 is not currently supported. However as it appears to be based on a Qualcomm IPQ processor future support is possible.

Thank you. I'll purchase the Linksys WRT1900ac for the time being.

What would it take to get the Linksys EA7500 on the roadmap for LEDE/OpenWRT? The stock firmware is not awesome.

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  • Usually, willingness to open the device
  • getting a full boot text from the serial port
    • this usually shows things like the current partition layout, what sector of the flash (in Hex) that the Kernel is booting from, etc.
  • Images/info on the model number of the -
    • CPU (and its speed, architecture, etc.)
    • WiFi Chip(s) (make and model)
    • Memory (and its size)
    • Switch chip (if any)
  • USB chip (if any)
  • etc.
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