Things to look out for in TP-Link C6U ? Any better choices at similar price point?

I am considering to get an TP-Link Archer C6U. What are the issues I might run into ? Are there any better choices at that price point ? It has dual core mediatek cpu and usb. I plan to use exroot and sqm.

My current ISP is 50mbps but I am not against futureproofing if I have to pay a little extra.

Better look at the AX range with MediaTek SoCs; the price point is more or less similar. You do not want the 5 GHz MT7613 radio. If you want 802.11ac, look for devices using MT7615 radios.

what's the difference ?

One can do DFS, the other can't - and is the red-headed stepchild in several other regards as well.


This with USB-3 - 1 * WAN + 3 * lan gigabits Wifi 6 / AX

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Is dfs important to have ?

Look up what it does and decide for yourself.

The bottomline is: MT7613 is supported, but it's not on par with support for the MT7615 radio. I understand you cannot put our advice into perspective - after all, who are we to tell you what to get - but for someone asking advice you rather sound like you're not happy with the fact we are arguing against buying an MT7613 device.

I am on a tight budget here. MT7615 radios cost around 1000 bucks more than MT7613 ones. I need to put the pros and cons into perspecitive before I spend that much more.

I had read about dfs but is it significant in real world usage ? I plan to fix the 5GHz band channel.

If you pick a channel yourself that's outside radar range (going on your nick I'm supposing you're from India? Check Indian WiFi regulations.) then you don't need to bother with DFS.

Even without DFS though MT7615 is still the more stable radio.

Okay, I'll consider MT7615 radios