there is no SWITCH tab in LUCI> NETWORK

Version 18_06 x86-64

there is no SWITCH tab in LUCI> NETWORK immediately after installation

Since you're using x86_64 I'm almost certain that your device doesn't have a switch, that's why there's no switch config option. Please share more details of your hardware.

Dear friend.
I do not need to specifically configure the SWITCH. Please indicate the graphical configuration utility VLAN.

Thank you, sorry for the bad English (google-translate).

You can use software VLANs. Just use <interface_name>.<vlan_id> in the interfaces tab. For example eth0.20 uses VLAN ID 20 on device eth0.
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To do this in the GUI, go to the network - interfaces - edit page of the network you want to attach the VLAN to. Click the Physical Settings tab and enter "eth0.10" (for example) in the custom interface box at the bottom of the list.

When you are running VLANs on an Ethernet port, make sure not to attach the base interface (eth0) to any network. All connections should have a VLAN number.

I hope I'm not hijacking this thread, but now I'm curious...

Adding a VLAN on an ethernet interface this way means that the ethernet frames on that VLAN will be tagged per 802.1Q specs, right?

How would one assign a VLAN as untagged on the same ethernet port as the tagged VLAN (eth0.10) if you are not supposed to attach the base interface to a network (i.e. eth0)?

IIRC, I experimented with a single port device (MR3020) and applied both a VLAN (eth0.10, for example), and a direct network to the interface (eth0) and I recall it worked without issue (but I didn't end up keeping that configuration in the end for other reasons). Is this contrary to best practices? Or is there a better way (i.e. a way to specify that it should be untagged on the physical interface)?

Using both ethX and ethX.Y is perfectly fine but it will become problematic if bridges are involved. E.g. if eth0 is part of br-lan, it might be possible that eth0.1 receives no traffic anymore - you should use br-lan.1 then, instead.

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Yes, really, how to forward the tagged and untagged traffic

I have bridged eth0 and eth1 on my WNDR3800, but VLANs on eth1 such as eth1.2 still works fine.