There are many boards of rk3568, please don't mix them up

As far as I know, I saw a lot of rk3568 development boards here.

Some people regard r68s as r5s and change my title:)

R68s, r5s, m68s, h68k series

Let me tell you the general difference: (it's really general, with small mistakes)

4G is generally 10$more expensive than 2G, and the price is 2G

size:R68s>>h68k>=r5s= m68s

R68s:65-75$/plastic shell 2g-4g lpddr4 16g EMMC 2x2.5g+2x1g/dc12v

R5s:60-80$/cnc aluminum shell /2g-4g ddr4/8g EMMC /2x2.5g+1x1g/1*hdmi/1*nvme (poor) /tf card/type-c 5-12v

M68s:70$/cnc aluminum shell /maybe 2G ddr4/8g EMMC /2x1g/1*hdmi/tf card

H68k-a:50$/ aluminum die casting shell/2g-4g/sumsang ddr4/32g emmc/2x1g/sata extra board/1xhdmi/type-c 5V

H68k-b:60$/ aluminum die casting shell /2g-4g/sumsang ddr4/32g emmc/2x2.5g+2x1g/sata extra board/1xhdmi/type-c 5V

H68k-c:70$/ aluminum die casting shell /2g-4g/sumsang ddr4/32g emmc/sata extra board/1x2.5g+2x1g+1xwifi 6e/1xhdmi/type-c 5V

H68k-d:80$/ aluminum die casting shell /2g-4g/sumsang ddr4/32g emmc/sata extra board/2x2.5g+2x1g+1x wifi 6e/1xhdmi/type-c 5V
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Thank you for sharing. I have this board and am having some trouble finding a good firmware version for it. It seems I have someone's version that doesn't meet my need.

Could you point me to one I could flash in place of this?

The device I have is a Seeed Studio Link Star

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