Theoretical Pi 4 Compute Module Project

So I had this idea for a while since using the Pi4 as my main router and the compute module being released to make a router board for it. After looking on gumstix (while I do understand hardware I don't have the skills to properly design a board at this point) I realised you can design boards (lets keep the cost aside for a moment). The compute module 4 has a pci 2.0 x1 slot to which some have connected a gigabit 4 port adapter from intel. However I recently found out this ( which has the ASMedia switch which fits the Pi4 PCI slot perfectly and if one was to replace the board Realtek NICs with intel instead you could basically make a compute module board with 3 NICs. Two 2.5gbps intel NICs over PCI and 1 gigabit NIC that is independent of the pcie bandwidth apparently. While the pi may not be able to Handle all of the ports at max bandwidth simultaneously I think overall it could be a great router for home networks (and with the compute module upgradable even) and would probably be less than 100$ with superb community support (the pi has really great community support). Is there a way to get started on designing such a board ? Or if anyone is willing to help (or is already doing something similar) please feel free to chime in. I feel like with WiFi 6 APs and gigabit internet and fast NAS at home, one could really use a 2.5G router on the cheap that has good community builds and is not x86.

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