Themes and installing them version 19.07

Hi internet,
i have a BT Homehub 5a with openwrt 19.07 installed,
been trying to install themes with no success, i have traveled up and down the web for a solution.
i have tried in terminal and in System/Software in the web interface.
terminal entry example

cd /tmp
wget luci-theme-rosy_git-20.085.76008-a3eb1bf-1_all.ipk
opkg install luci-theme-rosy_git-20.085.76008-a3eb1bf-1_all.ipk

the reply from terminal

root@HseOpenWrt:/tmp# wget luci-theme-rosy_git-20.085.76008-a3eb1bf-1_all.ipk
Downloading 'luci-theme-rosy_git-20.085.76008-a3eb1bf-1_all.ipk'
Failed to allocate uclient context

thanks all

rosy theme seems to be broken:

Hi Tmomas
is there any theme that works on my device
i just used that one because i found a .ipk link

openwrt, openwrt-2020 or bootstrap