The router reset itself


One day I just came back home to find the router coming back by itself to its factory config. WiFi just stopped working - that's how I found out.

WRT version: LuCI openwrt-19.07 branch (git-21.044.30835-34e0d65)]( / OpenWrt 19.07.7 r11306-c4a6851c72
Router: Linksys WRT32X

Any ideas what could have caused it?


Three resets without a successful boot.

Hmm, I have another version of OpenWRT on the other partition that works. Would it not just switch to the other partition if there was a problem with the current firmware?

I took this to mean a revert to OEM. If you are saying that it went back to OOTB OpenWrt config, then firstboot got executed, or one of your OpenWrt partitions has not been configured?

Sorry, both partitions ahd openwrt installed. One was v19.07, the other 21 I think. What happened all my configs are gone, including root password, wifi setup etc. But it's still vanilla openwrt.

This can happen from time to time if the read/write partition completely fills up. Do you know if you were running out of storage space?

Meanwhile, both 19.07 and 21.02 are very old and are EOL + unsupported. They both have known security vulnerabilities and should not be used anymore.

Please use this opportunity to upgrade to 23.05 (current) so that you are running a supported and secure version of OpenWrt.

Should you move forward as suggested, use factory as device has seen a kernel space reservation change.


Hard to tell really as it got reset. Right now it all looks good:

root@OpenWrt:~# df -hT
Filesystem           Type            Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/root            squashfs        3.3M      3.3M         0 100% /rom
tmpfs                tmpfs         250.0M    284.0K    249.7M   0% /tmp
/dev/ubi0_1          ubifs          97.8M     44.0K     93.0M   0% /overlay
overlayfs:/overlay   overlay        97.8M     44.0K     93.0M   0% /
tmpfs                tmpfs         512.0K         0    512.0K   0% /dev

Hi, just tried to upgrade the firmware, but got this warning. Is that "normal"?

Image metadata not found Use sysupgrade -F to override this check when downgrading or flashing to vendor firmware Image check failed.

The uploaded image file does not contain a supported format. Make sure that you choose the generic image format for your platform.

Yes, there is also the DSA change, which might require some knowledge accquisiotn? You will have to force and not keep config, see post, might ease things a wee bit.