The Right Wireless Chipset For Orange Pi 5 Plus On 5Ghz

Hello Team,

I am trying to see which of the Wireless Chipset would work with Orange Pi 5 Plus on 5Ghz,
From the official documentation this is what they have to say:

But they also give a warning about why this is not going to work on 5Ghz.
Any Wifi Chips to try on the Orange Pi 5 Plus that does both 2.4 and 5G.


Can you clarify how this is related to OpenWrt? The OrangePi 5 Plus is not supported by the official OpenWrt project.

There's an image saying it's support OpenWRT, while looking through the documentation they said only 2.4Ghz works, I dont know if it's related to the Wifi Module or it's based on the OpenWrt Image precisely.

This is not from the official project. It is a fork by those who have made the Orange Pi.

Please ask in their support channels.

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Regardless of the host support, neither of those cards would be an option - at all.

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