The openwrt firwmare is brick my router

Firstly, on 69 ports is ask ArcherC20V1_tp_recovery.bin file instead tp_recovery.bin second is brick my router. For now is just trash that can going to a bin. I hate Opensor's community even more, like 4pda forums, this forum is now blocking the sources of information.
I would do.....

So, even not any led is works for a now. Good firwmare top 100%!! Just hate... Why these people upload instructions and firmwares that brick devices.

And yes. My router is ac750 with usb port. IDK why asks an another file. so just going to a bin. Thanks for experience I would dont use bullshit in future and just use a good firmware.

Do you have read "use on your on warranty"? Maybe it helps to think twice before doing something experimental, don't you think?

And please check your grammar and spelling next time you are writing while in rage mode, ok.

Just take off your responsibility?


I know that communism philosophy of sektant people - there is no any warranty.

sucks when something you get for free doesn't work, right ?

sektant people = people using sektants ?


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This openwrt is just fired my money and time. Any people that download any firmware on openwrt will to know about that is a good thing.

Buying a new one is good for captilist market, or not?

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Sucks when I download a firmware on website for a my router. After trying to upload on a router and get a brick. I buy this router on money I even to pay if this firmware is works fine but is not fine yet.

For a now I have to buy programmator CH341A, yes this is like capitalism.

But I would go to a trash on my street and put for a now... I think is more a good way. And just don't open openwrt website anymore

If you downloaded firmware for C20 v4 (which your earlier posts would suggest) when you have a v1 then that's not the community's fault. Nor is it the community's fault if you didn't follow the installation instructions correctly.

I get that it's frustrating when you accidentally brick a piece of hardware. Most of us have probably done it at some point or another, but you have to accept some responsibility for your own actions (which include flashing open source software onto a closed source router).

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an android phone with root access is even better solution than

don't let the door hit you in the back on your way out ...

IDk bro. I have version with USB I just check that this asks on 69 port. On webinterface is ac750.

You are have a demons that manipulate yours. This is a bad message.

it's like saying it's my router, because it runs on electricity, they all do.

You linked a thread relating to TP-Link C20 V4, you explained you have uploaded a firmware for the TP-Link C20 V1 and you explained you have a TP-Link AC750, which is not C20 but C2 as far as I know. So you might just have used the wrong file.

Get yourself a USB serial port and use the correct image with it. But please read the big red note on the C2 documentation page, there's voltages to get right otherwise you will fry your board.