The Chinese flag is wrong

The Chinese flag is wrong。

Which page is this on and what theme is used? Also, please attach the output of the command ubus call system board.

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I found it. It's the OpenWrt wiki, not the firmware. OP posted this in the wrong forum.

If you look at it on mobile (or reduce the browser window width on desktop) and then open the hamburger menu and choose "Translations of this page," you'll see exactly this. Or if you have the desktop browser at full width and click the flag at the top right, you'll also see it.


@thess - are you able to help with this one? Note that it is the OpenWrt wiki, not the forum.

Ping @aparcar

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IMHO, all flags are wrong here and should be removed.

This is a list of languages, not nations. Languages don't have flags. The flags make the list utterly confusing. I had to think twice to figure out how UK got a ukranian flag...


Also there is no flag for spanish.
Wouldn't be simpler to remove all flags? As you mentionned, the goal is to list languages, not nations.

The code is wrong, it should be ua according to ISO 639-1.

Should it?

UK looks like language code for Ukrainian in these

(UA seems to be the country code, not language code)

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You're right, my source was wrong.

Using flags as icons for languages is unnecessary, confusing, and controversial; the name of the language, written in that language, should be the standard.


I disabled the flags via an configuration options.


Well, that escalated resolved quickly.

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