The cheapest MT7620 board I flashed

Hello, a while ago I found a generic MT7620N board for 8 USD and I flashed it with OpenWRT successfully.
Specs: Flash 8MB DDR2, Memory 64MB
OpenWRT image: openwrt-19.07.5-ramips-mt7620-zbt-wa05

I know it worked, and did reboot fine, now months later I can't get remember the IP, there is no DHCP, so I'm not sure it still works. Normally on a less cheap board I would plug the TTL to USB and check the boot loader, but as you can see on the image, the is no serial pads on that board:


It's not a great loss, but do you have any Idea on how to get it back to life somehow, I figured the MT7620 is so generic that some of you may know a trick or two.

There seems to be a button, which would suggest that should work. Aside from that, search for a serial port and read-out/ externally flash the spi-nor flash.

wouldn't it broadcast arp request with its own ip? connect its lan port directly to a machine and watch it by wireshark from another machine.

Or map an IP using the arp command, if the MAC's known..

Thanks to everyone who helped me, it turned out to be a simple problem, the PoE port defaults to WAN, not LAN, I had to plug a second ethernet to port 2 (in the back) to get LAN access.

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