Thanks to the devs for a smooth upgrade

So I just upgraded my router to 18.06. I must say, everytime I do this I hesitate and hover the mouse over the "flash" button for quite a while, fearing that I am looking at days of fiddling without internet access... but unrightfully so.

Once again, the upgrade process was completely smooth, my configuration was preserved as expected and everything just worked.

Everytime I deal with openwrt I am blown away by just how awesome it is. Thanks to all the devs who read this, and keep up the great work!


Once again... it took me forever to resolve myself and do the update. Still the same router that I bought back in 2014... can you believe it?
And as always... I stress out when the wifi breaks and hope it will just come back again shortly... and it does.
And I am so grateful for this that I just have to log into this forum and say thanks again.
Funnily, finding my login credentials tends to take me almost longer than doing the upgrade.

Thanks openwrt devs, you guys are awesome!

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