Thank you OpenWrt!

Just want to say thank you to the OpenWrt team for this firmware!
Have been having some seriously annoying issues for this last year and so far since using OpenWrt all is well!
We originally moved into this place just over a year ago with a TP-Link W8970 router which I'd been using for years with zero issues. But for some reason about two weeks after setting the router up in our new house we started suffering constant issues with wifi where devices would drop even though the SSID was still visible but would be unable to re-connect. Sometimes could reconnect but internet would not be available. Which meant constant router restarts to fix.
Eventually got super annoyed so figured it was the router, bought a TP-Link AC1200 router which was fine for a few weeks then exactly the same issues came back.
No matter how many restarts and configurations and firmware upgrades I tried nothing helped.
With both of these routers LAN devices still remained functional, issues were purely WiFi related.
Cue to about a couple of months back when the persistent WiFi issues increased and I decided to buy yet ANOTHER route, a TP-Link Archer C7.
Just like all the other routers, all was perfectly fine again for a short time and BAM. Yep. WiFi kept dropping out on all devices again even though LAN was working fine.
Shortly after this started happening again the router would also just randomly start freezing with the WAN light orange signifying a dropped WAN connection...
Weird, I thought. Factory reset a few times and tried different firmware but still same issue.
FFS I thought to myself... WHHHYYY.
So I returned the router for a replacement and exactly the same damn thing.
So after trawling the web for ages I eventually came across this OpenWrt project.
One month in now and everything is still working perfectly!

So I have a couple of questions... Is TP Link firmware really janky? I've always used TP Link stuff and up until moving into this place I've never had zero issues?
Just is strange that the same issues persisted over four routers yet this OpenWrt firmware seems to be working great?
Or could there be some sort of WiFi interference going on? But if that is the case why does OpenWrt work fine?
I've tried everything from re-positioning the routers, changing channels, using a scanner app on my phone to select the optimal channels (There is only usually three other neighbours routers in range and they are so far away I don't see how they could be an issue) or could it be a piece of equipment we are using?
But all the stuff we have we had in our last house and had zero issues for years and years?
Most of my stuff is set up on static IP's to reduce conflicts etc.

I have two Synology DS918's, we have two TV's, Hauwei Mediapad M10, Samsung tablet, two one plus phones, a samsung s8, MSI laptop and three LAN'd PC's.
Everything is static IP except for the phones and tablets.

I'm just at a loss to understand it all really...

But in any case, THANK YOU!


Usually the stock firmware runs fine for basic usage. If it was indeed an interference issue it is hard to say if you can't compare old settings with new ones.


Welcome. Glad you like OpenWrt.

You have tried 3 or 4 units of 3 different models, bought at different times from, probably, different places. So the chances of bad drives or a bad batch of certain component are very slim. The common things are TP-Link, you and your home.

Well, TP-Link have been around for long time and is a major manufacturer, so it's safe to exclude that or otherwise they would have gone bankrupt already.

And you have had the same router before and nothing happened, and I don't imsgine you recently developed a habit of buying new routers to damage them.

So it's likely to be the new place, let that be a power issue (unlikely, since they work with the new firmware) or some interference from a wireless phone, a microwaves or some other mysterious device in the neighbourhood. It could just be that the settings for OpenWrt hapoened to be frequencies that are not as much affected by that unknown element like the default settings for TP-Link firmware is.

You could probably ask the neighbours. Or if you get consumed by the want to know you can borrow a TP-Link router from a friend and look at the settings and compare.