Thank you for the best build for wrt3200acm router

So far the best firmware i have used for my WRT3200ACM router.

lede?, wee bit old, it has only gotten better with lack of age.

LEDE is an outdated version and is considered vurlnable to recent attacks. You should upgrade to 18.06.02

Check your device page

You would need the sysupgrade version for that.

Before flashing, refer to the device page and also do a forum search to see if there are any issues you need to pay attention to.


What exactly are you sharing here? The offecial releases are on domain. Your device seem to be well supported, and there is no need to use, let alone share, external builds of, at best, outdated firmware if not malicious.


I think you may be using Davids old site, or someone imitating his site, this is his current site according to the thread for his builds.


So, it appears that the URL shared by @Georg14735 is on the same IP as (At least pinging them returns the same IP).

Though, using a DDNS URL, along with the browser warning and the confusing LEDE word makes the post a bit suspicious.

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You guys are crazy funny. :rofl:

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I do appreciate the kudos', and am assuming you are referring to the davidc502 3rd party builds.

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Probably! Though, not as funny as someone who has a domain then use a DDNS to point to the same server.

Thank you. I appreciate it.

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For those of you who might run across this thread and may not know what is going on or what to believe.
The davidc502 builds are a 3rd party build base on OpenWrt trunk sources. I've been compiling these 3rd party builds for probably over 4 years now, and it started from me compiling my own, and others wanting to try it out. I first put the builds up on my ISP's provided web space, but quickly transferred everything over to my own server. Since this is OpenSource software/firmware, I don't get paid for anything I do, and so I wanted to keep my costs down. I found a good deal for a 24/7 server running CentOS, with plenty of CPU/RAM and Disc space for 20 bucks a month over at Linode. Originally, I didn't want to buy a domain or purchase DNS services, so I went with which is a free domain, and I used it for several years, and has worked great. However, a couple weeks back the domain went of line, and all DNS for all of dynamic-dns (not just my site), stopped working for weeks. So, I ended up buying my own domain for 15 bucks a year and it includes DNS services, so I'm pretty happy with that. So, a couple of weeks ago I just switched my TLS certificate over from to .org, and I'm happy with it. Because there are thousands of people who have saved favorites and have these builds going back years that point to, I didn't just want to pull the plug on that DNS resolution, so I have kept it going (It is free so it doesn't matter). Just pulling the plug would create more confusion and I wanted to avoid it. So, on the website I put in bold letters for everyone to start using the URL instead of the old one.

In closing, I've been in IT for nearly 2 decades, and currently have been working in Cyber Security for going on 4 years now. One thing I wanted to do is to provide a safe 3rd party build for everyone to try without worry of tampering or anything malicious. As someone who is ethical this is very important to me because there are 3rd party builds out there where you really don't know the source or intent. As someone who works Cybersecurity at the Enterprise level, I am very cautious about what I put on my own machines or routers. Speaking of security, I even enlisted a company to test the website for vulnerabilities once a week to ensure I don't miss anything. No matter what you do no one is 100% secure, but for spending a minimal amount of money I have tried my best.

So with that, if you have one of the routers the build supports I hope you try it out. One of the advantages is the build contains some of the more popular packages people enjoy. Another advantage is you can install a build, and 1 year later still download packages for that build, and believe me, monitoring the webserver, people every day download packages from builds months and months ago.

If you have further questions or concerns feel free to drop me a line in the davidc502 thread here at the openwrt forums -- Davidc502- wrt1200ac wrt1900acx wrt3200acm wrt32x builds



Someone made a comment about the name of the build starting with "LEDE", and the assumption was it was old, which is completely false. Nothing wrong with the assumption, if I didn't know about the 3rd party build I might have come to the same conclusion, so I made a change right now.

In the build configuration, I have the option to name the distribution to whatever I want. A long time ago I set it as LEDE and frankly just forgot it was there. So I just changed it back to OpenWrt. This means the next build the images will start with OpenWrt.


Thank you for all the hard work as the router i have would be uncertain with out it.

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OK all...

(Moved to Community Builds, Projects and Packages.)


Thanks so much.
I have one question about the ping you are talking about what am I doing wrong? As I am using dns and as was told the are one of the best but I am not very knowledgeable about it. If you could let me know so I can fix it at my end.

@Georg14735, please make a new thread for this.

By a simple reading of your question, I have no clue how ping and the choice of DNS servers are related.

  • I think you are confusing @davidc502's response to @Hegabo - regarding the domain names to his Community Build firmwares incorrectly, as a response to your original inquiry
  • Others have been trying to tell you that LEDE is an old version, and that you can also visit the official site at - hence I think the confusion
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Please do not be insulated at all as I do no or never wanted to do that I am sorry that you totally miss understand that I am not sharing outdated firm were please look in detail as it is the exact same as the firmware you have shared with me. But I will now be silent with sharing or commending on the good work that you at openwrt do.

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I didn't take any insult nor is there any reason for that. It's just the DDNS URL along with the LEDE part of the filename was a bit confusing, particularly that you don't post often, so I suspected that someone is trying to push a malicious firmware. All is clear now. Thank you for your message.

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Yup I have been using his builds for as long as David has been putting them out there for folks to use. I did notice you got a domain too, good to see for sure! Anyways keep up the good work with those builds and I'll see you around good sir!

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No Problem I very much like to test firmware and do honestly like OpenWrt they are the best for Wrt3200acm routers.

Thanks Again.

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