TG582n change of flash chip

I'm using this router already 3 years.
I would like to change the flash with bigger one.
Now it is cfeon en25q64-104fip.
I have cfeon en25q128.
The question is if the simple copy from small to bigger one will work?
Should I edit the readed .bin file?

Thank you in advance!

Small update:
With w25q128bvfg the router doesn't start at all - nothing on serial port!?!
What could be the issue?

Did you copy the content of the flash?

Yes, compete flash.
I've edited address 0x13 to "1" - for 1x16MBflash chip. I've tried and with 0x13 -"0", but the same situation

Sorry for necroposting ...

Does your router work with that flash chip? What it's chip ID?
I'm asking because there is a PR to improve that en25q128 chip (with ID: 0x1c3018) support: