Testing YAMon v3.4.0

It looks like YAMon 3.4 is finally ready for some testing other than on my routers. I've checked things out on the following:

  • an Asus RT-AC56U running LEDE
  • a TPLINK Archer C9 running DD-WRT
  • my Turris Omnia

I found and fixed issues on each platform.

NB - v3.4.0 is not yet available at http://usage-monitoring.com

Presupposing that you already have YAMon3.3.x installed to upgrade to v3.4.0, you must run open a PuTTY or equivalent window and run

/opt/install.sh dev
(note the dev at the end... without that you will re-install v3.3.6)
If you do not already have YAMon installed, first go to http://usage-monitoring.com/download.php and then start again at the top of this message.

In the prompt that asks where you want to install, I suggest that you DO NOT pick the default path. There might be issues which affect results so I recommend that you install in /opt/YAMon3.4/ rather than /opt/YAMon3/... this way you can run v3.3.6 & v3.4.0 concurrently (to compare results) and you will not clobber your data files.

One of the first things that you'll notice in the setup portion of the script, I have added basic and advanced modes for the configuration portion... pick basic if you have a relatively standard router configuration. Pick advanced if you have a bridge on your network.

NB - I've been running this version on my routers for sometime now but I expect there will still be some issues... please provide as much info as possible if/when something comes up. Screenshots and log files will be particularly helpful.

If you do have errors, if you set _log2file='2' and _scrlevel='2' in your config.file, this'll help track down where they are occurring in the script. You might want to set _scrlevel='1' to narrow things down further.

One day I'll summarize the changes in another posting but want to get things out for testing.

One of the big new features is better support (hopefully) for bridged devices (however, this is one of those NB areas I mentioned above)

Thanks in advance for your assistance and feedback


great news,

I want to install in a router for these, an Archer C7, WRT3200 and WRT 1900ACS all using the LEDE, if you can give me a specific step by step for the LEDE gradeco, since I always have problems installing the LEDE, in particular because the LEDE does not have the / OPT by default and this ends up causing me confusion ....

root@LEDE:~# mkdir /opt

That's it.

YAMon Manual Installation Steps

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I have this difference between what is measured in the router and in the devices (as can be seen in the picture below) and I would like to know how to correct this problem.



I just installed YaMon and noticed that Yamon does not show the upload of my NAS. Somehow the download will be measured in all stats but there is no information about the current upload which is ongoing with 5 MB/s. I have no clue why. The device is shown correctly...

Ahh, i think _includeIPv6='1' has to be set!


Yes! Ipv6 monitoring is no enabled by default. So i changed this in the config.file (includeIPv6='1')

Ipv6 should be enabled by default. Great monitoring tool. Thanks!

Someone help me with this problem, the data difference is very large.


Without knowing more about your setup, it is hard to understand this discrepancy. Is your router running as the DHCP server? Are you routing your traffic through a VPN or an anonymizing service?

If you were on DD-WRT, the most common cause of this sort of difference is the Shortcut Forwarding Engine (SFE) which routes packets in the kernel rather than through iptables... but AFAIK, there is no such equivalent in OpenWrt/LEDE...