[TESTING NEEDED] Ethernet on MT7620 boards

Hi all,

there is a series of patches I authored to cleanup MT7620 ethernet driver and fix MT7620 ethernet for external Atheros switches like AR8327 or QCA8337

Originally, I posted just a fix, but I continued finding other small issues and the cleanup grew to the point where it affects all MT7620 devices in some way or another

The changes should be backported to the new stable branch 21.02, but before that it would be nice to get as many testers as possible

The patches are in master as of 24 hours ago, so the latest SNAPSHOT image can be used to test


Keep in mind that there is a small chance that when flashing SNAPSHOT images that things can go wrong and always backup flash and have a recovery method ready

if everything is good, please comment at this PR including what your MT7620 device is


Few month ago, my router (MT7620 + QCA 8337) did not work on 21.02 without the patch.
The patch was not embedded in stable release 21.02.1.
Did somebody test 21.02.1 on this kind of router?
i.e. Engenius ESR600 or Lava LR25g001