Testing ath79 dsa driver(Xiaomi AIoT AC2350)

Topic originally had another purpose, is now used to talk about testing dsa on ath79 (more specifically the Xiaomi AIoT router ac2350)

This is ath79? Do you have this device?

Yes it is, and I do have the device. The soc is qca9563.

We are testing DSA driver and this is the only one that we are not sure about the porting. Can you help us testing it?

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Yes! I have the device just sitting around not really being used.

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Nice will post here some link so you can help us testing DSA... Can you compile your own image? Do you have a buildroot?

Yes I can. I have a build environment set up with wsl.

Can you put a message here tagging neheb to ask for initial instructions? He should have the files ready so you can test the DSA triver. I assume this router have a way to recover it?

The router has tftp recovery in the bootloader.

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Here as in the forum or the GitHub PR?

In the pr sorry

@MarioK239 this cannot be backported to 21.02. It requires kernel 5.10. 21.02 uses kernel 5.4. master can optionally use 5.10 currently.

to get this working is something like:

git clone https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt
curl https://patch-diff.githubusercontent.com/raw/openwrt/openwrt/pull/4528.patch | git am
curl https://patch-diff.githubusercontent.com/raw/openwrt/openwrt/pull/4622.patch | git am
Select use testing kernel version under make menuconfig

This topic was originally for backporting the device to 21.02. not dsa. I forgot to change the first message. Thanks for the instructions, will test.

This device is of great interest for DSA as everything is weird about it.

ar8327 instead of ar8337 on qca9563????

port 5 instead of port 6 for eth1???

strange switch setup.

This device actually only has 4 Ethernet ports. 3 lan and 1 wan port. Although most other qca956x routers I've seen have 5 ethernet ports.

Right. I'm talking about CPU port. Normally it's port0 for eth0 and port6 for eth1. But this oddly enough uses port5.

edit: actually eth1 is not enabled at all... this switch config is probably wrong.

Do I just have to run those commands, select my device and build an image? Is it that simple?

Should be. Select the packages you want as well.

Ok. I will compile the image now and test it tomorrow.
Edit: forgot to ask, I should de-select swconfig right?

The image compiled successfully. Will start testing in a few hours. Are there certain things I should test apart from general usages?