[Test Vote] Just for testing and as a demo

This is a test vote to test the voting (aka polling) via the forum instead of the adm list.

[Test Vote] Is voting via the forum fun?
  • Yes it's fun
  • No I don't like it
  • Maybe, let's see
  • No opinion

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Well, a sizable portion of the developers do no actually currently use the forum actively, I think.

But yeah, I can't vote in the poll, so your restriction apparently works.

Ps. I think that the voting here may be anonymous, unlike the mailing list. (not sure if you can see the voters somewhere.)

  • 18 out of 30 developers have been active during the past 3 days
  • 6 have been active during the past 4 weeks
  • 6 haven't been seen for >3months


I thinks it's possible to force it to be visible and that's what I tried to set.

Well, I was mainly basing my view on how often I have noticed them on the forum discussions.
17 out of 30 has posted anything this year (~70 days).



Actually, you may be right.
When I click "show results", I see your avatar at "Yes its fun".

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