Test SQM inside China

@moeller0 How would I benchmark SQM when I’m in China behind the great firewall? The DSLreport website has no servers inside China and the site itself states the results are not reliable with servers outside China.

Even Speedtest.net will give strange results sometimes. I should have (on a fiber connecting with PPPoE) 200 / 20 which in real life is more like 170 / 10.

I’m not sure if the GFW will sometimes throttle everything and sometimes just passes all my traffic. This seems to be true for both domestic as for international internet websites. Using VPN will allow me to access more internationally sites, but will not give realistic SQM testing.

Even running a continuous PING to a domestic server will give strange results in combination with Speedtest which should have a local server.

Maybe depending on my traffic deep packet inspection will just generate a lot of latency which can’t be helped.

Any inside in this topic is appreciated.

No 1st hand experience on internet in china (and thinking of it no 2nd experience either). In theory I would expect that if you can get a linux hoster in China you could set up your own netperf server inside China and then run your test against that (preferably by addressing the server via its IP address to avoid DNS games that might be played over there). Now I am assuming that the GFW will not touch your traffic for china internal traffic. If it touches all traffic, then I guess your hands are tied; but maybe people with actual experience could chime in here...

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