Tenda W308R Support

I have a Tenda W308R router and I would like to use OpenWRT, however in the list of compatible devices only Tenda W306R appears, I think mine should be compatible since it is a more current version than the one that appears in the compatibility list, but in The website of the manufacturer can not see if I have the specifications that OpenWRT requires so I do not know whether to do the installation or not.

Someone could recommend me what to do. The S.O that brings the tenda is a misfortune and I would like to put something more powerful.

What are the specs?

That's the problem, on the website of the manufacturer of my router wifi (tenda) does not show the specifications of the equipment, as far as flash and ram are concerned. But in the list of openwrt compatible equipment appears the model w306r that is a model inferior to mine.

Rarely specifications are listed.
Open it up and take pictures and model numbers of CPU,RAM flash etc

Well there are the photos, but I do not know much about electronics so I do not know what the memory is, cpu, flash, etc.


An overview image (what is below/ right of your frame) would have been helpful - and the inscription of the flash chip (see below) isn't quite readable either.

Just to summarize:

  • Broadcom BCM5357 SOC, with SOC-internal wlan
  • EtronTech EM6A9160TSA RAM, 128 Mbit
    16 MB RAM, unless there's a second RAM module hiding somewhere out of the frame, this isn't sufficient to run OpenWrt
  • the flash chip is the SOIC8 (8 pin) chip right next to TP8/ above the unpopulated serial header, but judging from the other specs it's probably between 2 MB and 4 MB.

All in all, the prospect isn't good.

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Thank you very much for your collaboration, in view of not complying with the specifications, I will have to acquire a wifi router that can be used with openwrt, it could not be with this, the factory software is really bad.

Do yourself a favour and spend a little time on choosing your preferred device beforehand, ideally a well supported and popular device with a performance envelope matching your needs (at least 8 MB flash/ 64 MB RAM).