Tenda AC9 OpenWRT .trx Firmware Content


Can anyone tell me wether the OpenWRT 23.0.5-rc3 . trx firmware for the Tenda AC9 routeur contains LUCI, or does not ?

The "Mo" size of the firmware makes me wonder.

Thanks by advance. :slight_smile:

RC3 should contain luci.

"Should" is not an satisfying answser in that particular case.

I am not an expert, and installing luci by command line is not within my capacity.

So, I have to know if it is included, or not.

Thanks for being crystal clear.

Then I guess you'll need to take my word for it.

In a word ?

Luci should be preinstalled in -rc images, but this device is not one to buy with OpenWrt in mind. Wireless is $not_good, limited to 802.11ag/ 54 MBit/s and 8 MB flash are tight; nor would bcm53xx be very beginner friendly to start with.

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