Tenda ac11 why wont support

The Tenda AC11 (AC11) router released in 2018. It is powered by Realtek RTL8197FH @ 1 GHz chipset, 128 MB RAM and 8 MB flash. The AC1200 router is compatible with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards, and the maximum speed that you can get with AC11 is 300 + 866 Mbps.


RTL8197FH not suported?

it has 1ghz cpu and 128mb of ram @40 - 60$

Because nobody added support for this SoC to the Linux kernel.

Next time, please use the search function, there are several threads about the same question with more elaborate answers.

Example: Working Realtek SoC RTL8196E 97D 97F in last master

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thanks is there any way i can add support to it by myself?

Maybe you didn't see my edit, but the link I posted contains some code to get you started. But this is not exactly an easy or quick task, it requires work in the order of months or years to add proper support.

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im sorry now i see it , is sad such tank of hardware get lost, would have been a beast running openwrt... nothing envy any asuswrt and at 60$ is very cheap

also it is sad an one army man could not achieve such task because the level of complexity would be very good to see such hardware 1ghz and 128mb running owrt :disappointed: i guess in the future kernel will madure more, but at that time actual hardware will be much a paperweight

i tried to reverse enginer the tenda ac11 with gidra and also the flash firmware file, is a good idea or do you think is a loss of time? , would love to see it running openwrt ... had the pdf of the mips processor , the mips manual have the hexadecimal adress to start read config on firmware {or ramdisk} i do not know where to start

i have read this


and it says

And no, your device isn't supported - neither is it likely that it ever will (full Realtek design, SOC and wireless).

could someone elabborate more? if there is any possibility to work it im willing to be part of it to make it possible (got the resources, money and time (and skills too) )

also from my previous searches on google found tenda ac11 does not have support AND quote * wont have support *by openwrt, i assumed it was because of copyright or similar, right? if no, then there would be a possibility to add support for it? could pay money and send samples to help development and also research of it

may @slh help here to clarify?

found this:

The Realtek RTL8197F is a highly- integrated and feature-rich 2T2R 802.11b/g/n WiSoC. It integrates a high performance 1GHz MIPS24Kc processor, 2T2R 802.11b/g/n MAC/BB/RF, PCI Express, five-port Fast Ethernet switch with RGMII, USB2.0 controller, DRAM and flash memory controller, and useful peripheral interfaces. The RTL8197F delivers high-performance with low power consumption for applications such as 11ac dual band smart routers, IoT gateway, VPN gateway, VoIP gateway, Network Storage, LTE routers etc.



  • MIPS 24Kc
  • Up to 1000MHz
  • I-Cache 64KB / D-Cache 32KB


  • Supports 16 bit DDR1 and DDR2
  • Supports SPI NOR Flash and SPI-NAND Flash
  • Supports Parallel-NAND Flash


  • 2.4GHz 2T2R 802.11 b/g/n


  • Security Engine
  • GDMA 4 Channel


  • One PCIe Gen1 Host Interface
  • Two USB2.0 Interfaces
  • One RGMII Interface
  • One SDXC/eMMC Interface
  • Two SPI Interfaces
  • Three UART Interfaces
  • Two I2C Interfaces
  • One I2S Interface
  • One PCM Interface
  • Four PWM
    *Four Timer Events

found the guide of MIPS 24Kc ...

it have the memory adress to read data and more if is possible to add support to that soc i can make it real




if green light i could make port compatible for it in.. maybe a couple of weeks

found this jtag cable, would it work to do the task?

or this


enlight us @gaspare @andyboeh

since the SoC doesn't appear to be supported by the Linux kernel, you're asking in the wrong question.

the question should be "how to get the SoC supported by the Linux kernel", not by openwrt.

and it should be asked at some Linux (kernel) forum.

oh thats other league ok thanks, will try but i wonder if its not supported by linux kernel how can it be running linux by stock?

there must be a hijack for it, like reverse engineering the firmware and port the base kernel of it, i dont know

theorically it is possible and despite it sounds hard to do

probably it would take me a while , for me being a madman student garage rocket scientist lol

but have never done it before, and i would like to help since i have nostalgy for that piece of router

because the people who manufactured it got lazy, grabbed a copy of a Linux kernel,
added the support, but never bothered submitting the patches upstream ...

https://fccid.io/V7TAC11 for those who like to check out the internals

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there must be a hijack for it, like reverse engineering the firmware and port the base kernel of it, i dont know

theorically it is possible and despite it sounds hard to do

probably it would take me a while , for me being a madman student garage rocket scientist lol

but have never done it before, and i would like to help since i have nostalgy for that piece of router

i was reading this,

maybe could be of help but i dont know this is uncharted territory for me...

maybe im being very enthusuastic or optimistic

but it looks like a lot of work for only one rookie enthusiast , it may not be impossible , however, i have not the time for now to be sitting 24/7 on a pc drinking 5 redbull or coffee cans, :frowning: and 5.000 lines of code for a minimal basical blank port sounds a lot

how much time and $ are you prepared to spend on a piece of hw worth $10 ?

in theory, everything is possible, that's why it's called theory ...

probably the latter, but some people do like time vampire kind of projects ...

it sounds like what mediatek guys did , they broken the linux gpl license by not publishing the code of kernel for socs, it is a fashion nowadays for chinese manufacturers to do this, however is sad to lose an excelent soc
1ghz cpu with 128mb of ram at 40$? is crazy althrought 8mb for rom is few the rig is good imo

8mb flash is a no go from an openwrt perspective, those devices are EOL after the upcoming release.

at $40 I'd probably start looking for MR70Xes or EG-E5s, or even X1860s, depending on where you live.
those are AX devices, not AC1200s.

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its sad manufacturers to be so mediocre only the open source guys team are the ones who improves everything
, also sad too i recently i bought a wr902ac v3 and only haves 8mb flash, could i use an usb to extend flash memory so i could not lose it soon?

looks like i will have to borrow money for a gl-inet

AX routers from what i know is top tier, better than AC right?

Not memory, but storage, yes.

Depends on your definition of better, but at least they're faster.

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i would try

the funny thing is everything i find something after an extensive research

like for example found the 902ac

and tought it was top tier after then after i found the gl-inet and also supports openwrt.... that is really good top tier (1ghz, x2 cores up to 4), 128 to 256mb of flash - ram still pulling 3w from wall (could use powerbank) and still being pocket able is better than those mango routers by a big time funny how everytime i think i find the holy grail of harware tech including openwrt support + good.rom.+ good ram + supports new technologies + good soc , after i buy one i find one 100x times better :frowning:

Nothing with AC radios would be considered top tier today, gl.inet devices excluded perhaps, because their selling point being size, not speed.

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is there any portable ax pocket router out there on TOH for open wrt?

If don't need ethernet ports for anything else but wan, the DAP-X1860 would be considered pretty small.
If you don't need wifi, Lanner NCA-1010 (it could actually be retrofitted with a single antenna AX radio).

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