Tenda AC10 - Where to start?

I have bought a Tenda AC10 - cheapest WiFi AC router I could find with Gigabit ports - unless anyone can find cheaper?

The router has easy serial output access and I have soldered some headers.
Worked out GND and TX, not sure on RX and 3V3 yet.

My specs seem to be different to the ones listed here - https://wikidevi.com/wiki/Tenda_AC10
CPU covered by heatsink - yet to remove
Switch? - RTL8367RB
WiFi - RTL8812BRH
RAM - 64MB
Flash - 8MB

I can provide full serial log.
Much chance of any support for this router?

First 50 lines of boot output

 00000102 W init ddr ok

	DRAM frequency: 533MHz
	DRAM Size: 64MB
JEDEC id EF4017, EXT id 0x0000
found w25q64
flash vendor: Winbond
w25q64, size=8MB, erasesize=64KB, max_speed_hz=29000000Hz
auto_mode=0 addr_width=3 erase_opcode=0x000000d8
=>CPU Wake-up interrupt happen! GISR=89000004 
---Realtek RTL8197F boot code at 2017.07.27-09:11+0800 v3.4.11B.9 (999MHz)
Mac addr:b0-df-c1-1f-39-00
lan_wan_isolation Initing...
config: lan port mask is 0x000000f7
config: wan port mask is 0x000000e8
lan_wan_isolation Initing has been completed.
lan_wan_isolation Initing...
config: lan port mask is 0x000000f7
config: wan port mask is 0x000000e8
lan_wan_isolation Initing has been completed.
wait for upgrage
port[0] link:down
port[1] link:down
port[2] link:up
port[3] link:down
port[4] link:down
Jump to image start=0x80a00000...
decompressing kernel:
Uncompressing Linux... done, booting the kernel.
done decompressing kernel.
start address: 0x80469020
Linux version 3.10.90 (root@linux-bkb8) (gcc version 4.4.7 (Realtek MSDK-4.4.7 Build 2001) ) #4 Wed Sep 6 18:02:20 CST 2017
bootconsole [early0] enabled
CPU revision is: 00019385 (MIPS 24Kc)
Determined physical RAM map:
 memory: 04000000 @ 00000000 (usable)
Zone ranges:
  Normal   [mem 0x00000000-0x03ffffff]
Movable zone start for each node
Early memory node ranges
  node   0: [mem 0x00000000-0x03ffffff]
Primary instruction cache 64kB, VIPT, 4-way, linesize 32 bytes.
Primary data cache 32kB, 4-way, PIPT, no aliases, linesize 32 bytes
Built 1 zonelists in Zone order, mobility grouping on.  Total pages: 16256

Not likely, since it uses a Realtek chip.

No support for any Realtek device.

Try Mi Router 3G extremely powerfull device with Gigabit LAN ports.

Looks like someone is working on it

I was also looking at the router, so did anyone try this ?

Hey, Could you figure about how to install it ?

I am quite new to this.

I Have a router - Tenda AC 10, it's good in performance, but lacks certain settings in Vlans, and doesn't allow static routing to subnets /32 but only to /24 .So I wanted a custom Router Firmware

I wanted to ask if I can flash a different router's firmware on this router....because of similarities in CPU, 2.4Ghz, switch, and 5Ghz ICs.

https://www.tendacn.com/product/ac10.html - official website
http://en.techinfodepot.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Tenda_AC10 - Other website -
showing which CPU & Wireless module it uses which are
Realtek RTL8197FS ( CPU,2.4G, Ethernet switch combo )
Realtek RTL8812BRH ( 5G )

OpenWrt officially has a firmware for Tenda AC 9

http://en.techinfodepot.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Tenda_AC9_v3 - Other website
which has same CPU, 2.4G module, and 5Ghz module
Realtek RTL8197FS - (CPU, 2.4G & Ethernet switch combo)
Realtek RTL8812BRH - 5Ghz

The amount of RAM is also same - 128 MB

The only difference is Flash rom size (model no.s from above website )
my router has 8MB Flash - Winbond W25Q64VSIG
and the other one has 16MB Flash - Winbond W25Q128JVSQ

**The Openwrt firmware for AC9 is around 6MBs ( not above 8MB )

So, is there any likelihood that this will work ?

Also Here is a project in development for my Router Tenda AC 10, but I am again new to this https://github.com/vladisslav2011/openwrt-AC10, but I am unable to figure out its installation

Or Can I create a custom build from AC9's firmware


You shouldn't flash it, even if the hw's similar/same, there might be changes in flash layout (obviously, due to different sizes), and configuration.

You'll need serial console access to continue this journey.

There's also this https://openwrt.org/supported_devices/864_warning

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Here is how:

Instead of downloading from git.openwrt.org you download from this vladisslav2011.

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Sure, Thanks ! then won't try it right now

Ohh, so it is one and the same. Thanks.

What is one and the same? You still need to use a different source for the source code you want to compile.

And keep in mind that I simply told you how. I haven't checked if this vladisslav2011 even created modifications that fit your device.

Ohh, Right, He could have excluded/included some other packages.

I would learn more about flashing and image building before further commenting more about it.

Did anyone manage to make a OpenWRT FW for Tenda AC10?