Temporary double nat no connection from client to internet (IPS bridged modem is broken)

I have a temporary situation, normal my IPS modem/router is in bridge mode. This modem is broken and only working in normal NAT mode now. (I'll get a new one in a few days)

My double NAT seems te be working between the OpenWrt router and the IPS router. But clients on the OpenWrt can't get internet access.

Internet <-> ISP router dmz to <-> Openwrt router WAN is
ISP router is on gateway netmask
The Openwrt is getting this info from dhcp too.

On the Openwrt router I can use the diagnostic tools like ping / nslookup and traceroute, they are al working flawlessly.

A firewall issue?

Clients connected directly to the ISP router are working fine.

You can't have the same subnet on ISP unit and openwrt and connect using the WAN port.

Move cable to LAN on openwrt device, and run it as dumb ap, or change the subnet on LAN side of openwrt device.

Subnet on lanside is in

The subnet is the one from the ISP So only the WAN interface of the OpenWrt router is connected to it.

Sorry if I confused it a bit

you think ? :wink:

if you're having issues with DNS on clients, but ping and DNS works on router, it's probably because WAN IP on openwrt device is set to static and not DHCP ....

if you've done it like that, you manually have configure DNS to clients, it's option 6, below.


Thanks for your quick reply's.

My WAN settings are on dhcp and is getting the ip, thats the one I did put in de dmz from the isp router.

My LAN is providing dhscp to clients, if I connect a client it is getting an IP. I'll check dns settings on the client.

why bother with the dmz anyway ?

dmz was just to test, because I had no connection at all.

It works, it was a dns setting.

Normally my OpenWrt ip address is also the dns setting for clients, that is somehow in this setup not working, so I changed the dns in a public one ( and now it works.

I still don't know why, but it's a temperary situation, so I'm fine I think :wink:

Thanks for the help