Teltonika rut955: rs485, rs232

I built a custom image for the RUT955. Basically works, incl. the EC25. However, now I need to use the RS485 (2wire) and the RS232, and having problems.
First of all: I only see these devices

bus              log              mtd3ro           mtd7ro           mtdblock7        tty              watchdog
console          mtd0             mtd4             mtdblock0        null             ttyATH1          zero
cpu_dma_latency  mtd0ro           mtd4ro           mtdblock1        port             ttyS0
full             mtd1             mtd5             mtdblock2        ppp              ttyUSB0
gpiochip0        mtd1ro           mtd5ro           mtdblock3        ptmx             ttyUSB1
gpiochip1        mtd2             mtd6             mtdblock4        pts              ttyUSB2
i2c-0            mtd2ro           mtd6ro           mtdblock5        random           ttyUSB3
kmsg             mtd3             mtd7             mtdblock6        shm              urandom

Which one supposed to be the RS485 ?
And which one the RS232, having the DB9 connector ?
(No /dev/ttyACM0 as mentioned in the patch:
Im also a bit confused about this one in the patch:

  • rs485-rts-active-low;
    RTS for RS485-halfduplex usually should not be required be be set, at least not by software.
    So it is simply hardwired ?