Teltonika RUT230

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nice to meet you all, here is my first message :tada:!!!

I''v searched quite a few on the web some information about this problem but i didn't find something really usefull so finally i've decided to ask to this community.

I have a Teltonika RUT230 with a M2M sim inside. I was wondering if there is some configuration in OpenWrt that locks the sim on using only one mobile operator.
Reading somewhere on the web i've the idea that is not possible but i'm not sure so i'm searching for some others opinion.

I'm ready to give some more specifics if needed (if i found them :slight_smile: ).

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The carrier who sold the device would know how to unlock the it...but SIMs are not unlocked, the cellular hardware is. If the SIM is locked, it doesn't belong to you.

Thanks for the reply. After a couple of days of waiting the Teltonika answered me and tomorrow i'll try to explain me problem. If i will discover that is possible to use only one operator from the list i'll post the solution.

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I suppose you have a SIM that allows roaming. If the modem use AT commands, you can tell the modem to use only one operator. We do that occasionally at work, but I have not done it myself, and I'm on vacation so I don't have any documentation right now. Normally these days the modem uses some form of network interface, because sending data over a PPP link limits the performance. We still use PPP for our modems, as we have very modest performance demands. So I don't know how to do it over a network interface, other than replace the driver so you get USB serial ports and can use AT commands.

Thank you very much. I'm on holidy too and when i'll return i'll check for AT commands.

Thank you again