Telfort Netherlands Glassfibre settings VLAN34


TELFORT is the NL fibre to the home provider. I really would like to have my Linksys wrt1200v2 to connect directly to the internet (so without the provided router ZTE in between).
Can anyone share the screenshots for the configuration of VLAN 34?
I struggle with the tagging/off/untagged settings.

Here is what Telfort states should work for internet access:
WAN Protocol: MAC Encapsulated Routing
WAN1 1p / VLAN ID: 1/34
PPPoE passthrough function: Enable

My two cents:

  • Disable tagging on the CPU ports, and move your interfaces from "ethx.y" to "ethx".
  • The VLAN where the WAN port in connected should have ID 34, and be tagged on the WAN port.

What is the default configuration for the network? cat /etc/config/network
It may be as easy as creating a new subinterface for the WAN.

Please check:
I added the example for the /etc/network, the wan part
The only changes needed are add .34 to the ifname, and add the hwaddr to clone the Mac

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