Telekom Speedport W921v (Arcardyan VGV953) support

It exist a pullrequest:
And a TOH entry:
With an installation manuell.
Links for the problematic wave300 wifichip are here: Support for WAVE 300 Wi-Fi chip

I build the pullrequest with current snapshot and i have a sysupgrade image (and a ramdisk image) from it.
My problem are i use the installation manuell and it works.
But it uses only a sysupgrade image from chaoscalmer.
How can i install my current snapshot ?

Can it happen that is not possible because the kernel partition are only 2MB and the kernel are 2,1MB ?
When i want to solve this problem i must increase the kernel partition inside the DTS file and rebuild the uboot right ?
But here are the next problem: where is the code code for the uboot (the binary is linked inside the manuell).

Wiki is updated, updated boot files are also there now.