Teleconsole or similar for openwrt

my isp started to use CGNAT. so i cant connect directly to my store via ip anymore. is there any teleconsole or similar solution for openwrt? i dont want to use any remote desktop prg like teamviewer vs.

I do not know about "teleconsole", but ZeroTier claims to work as a VPN behind CGNAT.

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Good morning!

There are many projects like these, and some have already been package for OpenWRT, though they are not in the main feed and are not distributed in binary form, so you will have to use build an image or compile the package yourself.

I had to do some minor edits to the code in order for it to compile, but aside from that, it works perfectly well!


Many ISPs are at least sensible enough to provide IPv6 coverage in addition to cgNAT IPv4, to alleviate the disadvantages a bit. If available, you can run your VPN tunnel over IPv6 (static prefixes strongly preferred, but technically dynamic prefixes & dDNS are also possible) as well.

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