Technicolor TG799VAC

Hello, I have TG799VAC it's very capable router with dual core CPU + 256 MB RAM. I managed to get ssh access. It runs 12.09 openwrt. I was not able to upgrade it. I tried this but it just won't upgrade. I have 16.3 and 17.2 firmwares, but still it does not upgrade. I can manually swith between 2 banks. This router uses 2 banks but neither upgrades.
I found this thread Technicolor GPL Source Code Request

Can i somehow build openwrt firmware myself for this router and install it like I do it on my netgear WNDR3700v4? It does not even have luci it has some telias Web design, which is very bad and lacks many features.

It's a Broadcom BCM63xx design, which means there are no drivers for xDSL modem, FXS/ FXO ports, DECT and (probably , as I assume Broadcom softmac WLAN chipsets) neither for WLAN; even getting NAND based Broadcom ARM designs booting will be challenging (due to the way the bootloader is split/ set up).

All you may be able to get working will be basic SOC support and ethernet, nothing interesting.


Broadcom chips aren't supported due to the limited availability of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) drivers.

They also have a very locked down bootloader, which only allows signed firmware to be flashed.

Please upgrade your firmware to 16.3 and use the new guide for more info.

Btw, dual core MIPS @ 400mhz isn't fast :slight_smile: