Technicolor TC7200 - bcm3383

I am getting this router later today (saving it from going into the garbage)
I am looking for more info on it. All i can find is[]=bcm3383 that leads me to
How do i build and flash an image?

to search for a supported device you must use the table of supported hardware

and a search for that model shows nothing[Model*~]=TC7200

This device is not supported, you must first write the code to add support for it, and test on your device with serial console

see other people adding support for a new device as an example

The github page you found is the source for original firmware and can be useful to read to get the information and specifications to add support in OpenWrt.

Thanks. Ill check this out and see what i can make of it. I dont have a serial cable. This might be over my head.