Task affinity: using taskset


I recently switched my openwrt machine (on a X86 VM) to a ODROID N2+ (I installed armbian on emmc, kernel 5.9, and then openwrt inside it, removing almost everything from armbian installation): at this moment all works good but now I would like to do some optimizations.

Odroid N2+ (ARM) has 6 cores, 2 little cores (A53) and 4 big cores (A73): I need to bind some specific processes to big cores and I think to use "taskset" utility to do this.

But taskset is not present on openwrt: I read in a old thread ("taskset" utility) that a possible solution is to compile util-linux or. maybe, rebuild busybox and enable taskset into it (and also other applets).

There is another (easy) solution and, if not, is better on openwrt build util-linux or rebuild busybox?

Thanks in advance