TalkTalk Sagemcom FAST 5364 build OpenWrt

hi openwrt communty i have Sagemcom FAST 5364 i dissambly it and i find serial port
i have sucssful connect i have this log , my question is how to get dump for router and how to build my new
openwrt image


this full log


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Your pictures do not display.

link corrected all picture in shared folder

I have attempted this too, but just get strange characters when connecting GND, TX, and RX.

Putty with baud set to 115200.

8 Data Bits
1 Stop Bits
Parity None
Flow Control None

Tried with various USB to serial, and also an actual com port on the mainboard, same result.

What settings did you use? /did you connect VCC?

To add to this, I had 3 different COM to USB adaptors lying around (all used various Prolific Drivers).

In the end I purchased a £3 ebay special, "CH340" USB TTL Serial Adaptor - straight in no problem and could start playing/interacting with it.

Just using ground, tx and rx (no VCC).

COM12 (see device manager)

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Dear all,

A question pondering antennas... I apologise if I am asking this in the wrong place this is my first time using the forum.

I have recently taken apart a TalkTalk Sagemcom F@ST 5364 router, as well as gaining ssh root access with help from David Brent's wonderful guidance. On inspecting the circuit board there appear to be 11 used and unused antenna connectors. Of these connectors:

  • 5 are labelled WCN (WCN1 to WCN5);
  • 6 are labelled ACN (ACN1 to ACN6).

One wire is connected from WCN4 to WCN5 - which I assume to be one antenna - and another is connected from ACN5 to ACN6 - which I assume to be another antenna. See photos here.

I have powered on the router but not connected it to broadband.

On running ifconfig over ssh, the available networks connections it shows are:

  • BR_LAN
    • This is the LAN bridge. My understand if bridges ends here
  • bcmsw
    • I assume to be the broadband connection
  • eth0 to eth4
    • the 4 LAN ports and one WAN port
  • lo
    • localhost etc.
  • wl0
    • The WiFi network I am connected to for testing (5 GHz)
  • wl1
    • The 2.4 GHz network

Full ifconfig output here.

Does anyone know the difference between ACN and WCN connectors? Would WCN be anything to do with Wireless Community Networks or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Thank you in advance.

None of those unpopulated connectors are U.FL/ I-PEX MHF antenna connectors, but rather Murata SWD test points used for factory testing and calibration (they are also non-locking).

Thank you @slh, That's useful to know!

Oh well, it took me down a nice rabbit hole :slight_smile: