Talk about Documentation

Talk about OpenWrt documentation: comment on its organization, point out errors, or ask other questions about the information there. (This is not the place to add new documentation - please edit documentation on the main web site directly.)

This reads more like a wiki page, but misses to explain what this forum category is intended for.

Why should someone post in this category?
What is the intention of this category, what is it for?
Which questions can be asked here better than in any other category?

@tmomas Good point. Look at it again. Thanks.

Isn't the "lede documentation" the Lede Wiki anyway? I'd say it is redundant to have another section for documentation, all documentation discussions should go in the wiki section.

Or is the wiki section only for wiki mantainers or temporary or whatever?

Am I missing something?

I think the documentation section is meant to discuss questions around the documentation and to aid in fact finding before writing the actual documentation. The Wiki shall be the canonical source but this could be the place to chat about it...

Well, it seems the LEDE wiki forum section was merged with this, which is what I was saying ("LEDE documentation" and "LEDE Wiki" forum sections were redundant), lol.
Good to see that someone thinks like me. :slight_smile:

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Hi, I think i have relatively good idea what openwrt is, why would someone use it and how it looks like. However, those things are almost completely missing from the website...why?

What it is?
It is debian linux based custom firmware and operating system, that runs on your router and has web based graphic user interface.
It gives you more control over your home wifi, router, and network? you can have it "your way"? you can connect printers, HDD, media centers, etc..what are typical user case? Why don't have "gallery" or "exhibition" of some successful uses? People do like to show of their pimped up cars, why not home network and routers?

How it looks like?
What about some screenshots? on few devices. Better yet, an UI simulator for a typical device?

Because you can always return to manufactured setting? Nothing to lose? Show how to get on OPENWRT and how to get rid of it with minimal effort? This is only think that stops me from trying it...

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