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Hi, could you please add Abbreviation Tooltip Plugin:
It would help to remove redundant links and greatly improve readability.

Talk about Documentation

Can you elaborate a bit more on this topic?
What abbreviations are you thinking of?


Actually there're a lot of that can be used:

For example:

Or something uncommon like this:


My question was more like: What exact abbreviations are you now missing in the current wiki? I was not asking for a general abbreviation list...

Which redundant links are you talking about? Again, I'm talking about specific links in the current wiki, not a general statement. :slight_smile:


It's somewhat confusing to see explanation provided for LAN and DNS but not WAN, WLAN, DHCP etc.
It would be nice to define these abbreviations globally:

AP—Access Point
DDoS—Distributed Denial of Service
DHCP—Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DMZ—Demilitarized Zone
DPI—Deep Packet Inspection
DoS—Denial of Service
FQDN—Fully Qualified Domain Name
FTP—File Transfer Protocol
HTTPS—Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
HTTP—Hypertext Transfer Protocol
ICMP—Internet Control Message Protocol
IM—Instant Messaging
IMAP—Internet Message Access Protocol
IPTV—Internet Protocol Television
IPv4—Internet Protocol version 4
IPv6—Internet Protocol version 6
IP—Internet Protocol
ISP—Internet Service Provider
MTU—Maximum Transmission Unit
NAT—Network Address Translation
NTP—Network Time Protocol
PKI—Public Key Infrastructure
POP—Post Office Protocol
QoS—Quality of Service
SFTP—SSH File Transfer Protocol
SMTP—Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SSH—Secure Shell
SSL—Secure Socket Layer
TCP—Transmission Control Protocol
TFTP—Trivial File Transfer Protocol
TLS—Transport Layer Security
TTL—Time To Live
UDP—User Datagram Protocol
VDS—Virtual Dedicated Server
VLAN—Virtual Local Area Network
VPN—Virtual Private Network
VPS—Virtual Private Server
VoIP—Voice over Internet Protocol
WAN—Wide Area Network
WAP—Wireless Application Protocol
WLAN—Wireless Local Area Network
WWAN—Wireless Wide Area Network

However there are issues, when global definitions do not suit well:

  • Many terms do not require to be defined globally because they aren't widely used and it's good enough to explain them once per page.
  • Moreover terms are not limited to acronyms, for instance Dual Stack.
  • Some terms have several meanings, such as KVM, and it's better to leave explanation to the author.

That's why it would be great to have plugin which can display custom descriptions.

Regarding to redundant links, it's often better to give a brief explanation on the spot, instead of creating internal footnote links or external URL to some other site.
The latter case always suffers in readability.


Thanks for the explanation.
I installed the just now.


I now also included these in the global acronyms definition.

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