Table of Hardware: Updating device availability

A lot of devices in the Table of Hardware have an outdated / non-existing availability status. In order to keep the ToH usefull for users searching for a new device to buy, the availability data should be updated regularly.

Current status

  • Available 2017 (80)
  • Available 2018 (61)
  • Available 2019 (310)
  • unknown 2018 (192)
  • unknown 2019 (51)
  • unknown 2020 (22)

=> more than 700 devices with outdated status :frowning:


Check commercial availability of the devices listed at

  1. Make sure you have read the instructions Before updating availability status
  2. Click on the links to filter the table for the respective availability status:
  3. Update availability of a device by clicking on “View/Edit data” in the last column, then follow the instructions on the dataentry page
    • If you can buy a device in 2020 -> Available 2020
    • If you can not buy a device in 2020 -> Discontinued (bonus points if you know in which year)
    • Do not enter Available < year in the past >. We have 2020 and we want to know if this device can be bought today, i.e. in 2020. We do not want to know when the device first was commercially available.
  4. Click Preview to check your edit for correctness.
  5. Click Save to permanently save your edit.

Your help is needed

The OpenWrt wiki and Table of Hardware are from the community and for the community.
The more the community contributes, the better for the community.

Do you see any device in that you know has been discontinued by the OEM? Great, then you can help to keep our data up to date! See above how you can contribute directly.

If you do not have an account for the OpenWrt wiki (and you don't want to create one only for this task), just let me know your input here in this topic, and I will update the data accordingly.

Thanks for your contribution to the OpenWrt wiki! :slight_smile:


I'll start tagging here whoever complains that wiki sucks :laughing: