Sysupgrade on Octeon ER router in 17.01.4 is broken - config is lost

Hi all,

I believe there is a bug in the sysupgrade for the UBNT Edge Router (UBNT_E200 (CN6120p1.1-800-NSP)) which does not preserve the configuration.

The root cause might be that the file [openwrt/openwrt.git] / target / linux / octeon / base-files / lib / upgrade / is missing in the function platform_copy_config the rule for the "er" board_name (I believe the rule might be the same as for the "erlite" target but I am not 100% sure).

I have locked myself out from a remote device this way, so I am unable to test if this is the root case, but it is confirmed that the device did come up in the factory configuration and the old config was lost during the upgrade, despite being request to keep the config.

Once I can get some "remote hands" I can check if this is really the case and if adding the "er" into the case does fix it, but until then, perhaps someone can check this independently.