Sysupgrade on nanopi R5C

Hello here,

I am facing a strange issue with sysupgrade on my nanopi R5C.

  • I have a running R5C, with OpenWRT flashed on the eMMC. I can upgrade it without issue.
  • Yesterday, I added a SD card for additional storage as I am using docker for zigbee2mqtt and nodered. SD card is formatted in EXT4 and mounted on /opt.
  • I have build a custom firmware (with firmware selector) to include docker package.
  • I flashed this firmware with LuCi and... the firmware went on the SD card ! eMMC was not modified. Luckily, I had no data on the SD at this moment :slight_smile:

Is this something normal ?
Can I do something to force sysupgrade to flash the eMMC ?

Thank you