Sysupgrade on MR8300

I currently run a snapshot build on a Linksys MR8300. I'm wondering if I can use a sysupgrade image instead of factory image so I can keep my settings. My goal is to avoid plugging an Ethernet cable on my router to restore a config backup every time I upgrade version (the router is located in a crowded area).

My plan is to install Openwrt on both partition. For example, if I'm running on part1, I want to sysupgrade part2, boot to part2 but retain config of part2. Then for next update, run the same procedure from part2. Of course I would run the same config on both partitions.

I'd like to know if somebody already tested this?

Ok, I did some tests with Openwrt snapshot on both partition and while I can use a sysupgrade image, my config is not preserved after reboot on the other partition even if I check 'keep settings' in Luci.

Is this a bug for the MR8300?

Why not backup your config and then restore it after the sysupgrade?

It's what I do right now but I have to go next to the router and plug via ethernet to restore the config: I'd rather do this all via wifi as the router is not easily accessible.

As the keep config option is not working when doing a sysupgrade to another partition, I had to build locally the sysupgrade image with wifi enabled. To do this, one need to create a file in the build directory (files/uci-defaults/99-custom) :

uci set'CA'
uci set wireless.radio0.disabled='0'
uci set'CA'
uci set wireless.radio1.disabled='0'
uci commit wireless
/etc/init.d/wifi reload

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